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ARV-471 (Vepdegestrant) is a best-in-class, orally active estrogen receptor (ER) PROTAC degrader. ARV-471 is developed for the research of breast cancer. ARV-471 (Vepdegestrant) is a hetero-bifunctional molecule that facilitates the interactions between estrogen receptor alpha and an intracellular E3 ligase complex.

Cat. No.: EX-A5021    Purity: >95.4%
Chemical structure of ARV-471

For research only, Do not use for Human!

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25mg300In-stock (95.4%)
50mg450In-stock (95.4%)
100mg600In-stock (95.4%)
200mg900In-stock (95.4%)
250mg2150In-stock (>98%)
1gGet quoteIn-stock (>98%)

CAS No.2229711-68-4
Mol Weight723.9017
AppearanceSolid powder
SolubilitySoluble in DMSO
Shelf Life>2 years if stored properly
StoragePowder -20℃ 2 years; In solvent -20℃ 1 month;
ShippingShipped under ambient temperature as non-hazardous chemical. This product is stable enough for a few weeks during ordinary shipping and time spent in Customs.

[1]. Lin X, et al. Targeting estrogen receptor α for degradation with PROTACs: A promising approach to overcome endocrine resistance. Eur J Med Chem. 2020;206:112689.

[2]. John J. Flanagan, et al. ARV-471, an oral estrogen receptor PROTAC™ protein degrader for breast cancer. American Association for Cancer Research.2019. 79 (4): P5-04-18.

[3]. Schneider, M., Radoux, C.J., Hercules, A. et al. The PROTACtable genome. Nat Rev Drug Discov 20, 789–797 (2021).
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