Custom Manufacturing

1. Plant facility list:

Device Name Capacity/Style No. Unit(sets)
Glass lined reactor 1000L 2
Glass lined reactor 500L 8
Glass lined reactor 300L 1
Glass lined reactor 200L 3
Glass lined reactor 100L 1
Glass lined reactor 50L 1
Stainless steel Hydrogen addition reactor 500L 1
Stainless steel autoclave 500L 1
Centrifuge Φ800 2
Centrifuge Φ600 2
Filteringtank Φ600 2
Chiller SRSB-70SF 67KW 1
Circulating hot air oven CT-C-O 4
Rotary vacuum dryer SZG-350 1
Grinder crusher 30B 1
Mixer CH200 1
HPLC P230 1
GC SP-6890 1
Karl fischer moisture meter ZKF-1 1
Digital polarimeter WZZ-2S/2SS 1
UV analyzer ZF-20D 1
Digital PH meter PHS-3TC 1

2. Custom Manufacturing

• Excenen Pharmatech offers contract manufacturing services through its fully joint venture plant Weifang Teihua. Our plant is dedicated to providing timely and quality contract manufacturing services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The products requested by and delivered to clients are focused starting materials, complex raw materials, and intermediates. The facilities are versatile so as to produce these materials up to several hundred kilograms in weight. There are also on site QA/QC, EHS, and logistics teams to support the operations. • scale range from 1 kilo to 200 kilos
• Leadtime: Usually 6-8 weeks for dozens of kilos
• Purity: Usually >98%
• Typical Reactions: Alkylation, Amination, Aromatic Cyclization, Bromination, Condensation, Cyanation, Chlorination, Coupling, Diazotization, Fluoridation, Friedel-Crafts Acylation, Grinard Reagent, Hydrazine, Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis Reaction, Hydrogen Sulfide, Isocyanates, Nitration, Oxidation, Reduction, Vilsmeier Reaction.
• Process Optimization for bulk organic compounds/APIs.